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Tim Hatton – Senior Manager


Tim Hatton - Senior Manager

Tim Hatton, Senior Manager

My name’s Tim and I’ve been working for FITC since 2010. I’ve always been a huge sports fan, so this is my perfect job. Sport is a great way of involving people from all walks of life and that’s why I enjoy working here. We’re able to engage people who might not have taken part in sports for many years or lack direction. Our staff motivate and support them to help them get back on track.

My role involves fundraising, raising our profile and recruiting participants. We work with partners to design innovative projects targeting specific groups of people. So, whether we’re designing projects for mass sports participation, like School’s Out for 8 to 15 year olds, or working with niche groups, such as our Working Age Dementia project, it’s really satisfying to see a project start, people enjoy themselves and benefit from our work.  I’m proud to work as part of FITC’s team, as our staff make a huge difference to people’s lives across Nottingham.

Before working here, I worked in Marketing, Communications and Business Development at bmi, Boots, the NHS, Age UK and for a design agency. My role at FITC gives me the opportunity to use the experience and contacts I’ve picked up over the years to develop the type and scale of work we plan to deliver.

Over the years, sport has been a massive part of my life and I’ve played many sports on a regular basis, which I’ve enjoyed and benefited from – mainly football, rugby, track athletics and cross country. I keep fit, run regularly and am keen to explore how sport can contribute to wider society and how FITC can continue to inspire the people we work with across Nottingham.