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CARE receives further funding from Macmillan Cancer Support

Graham (centre) recently left the programme feeling fully rehabilitated

Graham (centre) recently left the programme feeling fully rehabilitated

The partnership between Football in the Community [FITC] has become very strong over the last two years through working together on FITC’s Cancer and Rehabilitation Exercise [CARE] Programme.

CARE has become very successful and Macmillan Cancer Support has invested another year’s worth of funding to keep the programme running within the city.

Participant, Graham Crip, recently graduated from the programme having joined CARE in 2015, he explains what brought him to the programme:

 “In 2015 I attended the Macmillan course on “Living with and Beyond Prostate Cancer”. As a result of the course, I realised that my biggest problem was the fatigue that I was suffering from as a result of the Hormone Treatment and that the best solution to fatigue was Physical Exercise. Fortunately, FITC had started the CARE Programme with Macmillan and I was given a leaflet during the programme. As I was somewhat reticent to join a Gym as an individual, I felt that a programme specifically for Cancer patients was just what I needed and I joined the CARE Programme in June 2015.

Gill has taken part in CARE for approximately 18 months

Gill has taken part in CARE for approximately 18 months

Gill Allan, another CARE participant, had this to say about her experience joining the programme:

 “The class is so friendly and the coaches are brilliant and very motivating. The laughter and camaraderie is the best medicine and so inspiring. Seeing others trying hard spurs you on. No one judges you, everyone is supportive we are after all in the same boat (albeit slightly different canoes). I am in better physical shape since participating, my range of movement has improved, along with stamina and [the programme] has proved I can push myself. CARE has increased my confidence, I had struggled alone for so many years my mobility decreasing, in pain and stiffness dominated my days. I am now happier and smiling even more than usual.”

CARE provides participants with a social environment to share stories, build strength and increase their confidence and self-esteem during a difficult period in their lives.

Participants can be referred before their treatment starts, meaning they can benefit from the programme before, throughout and after their treatment. However participants are welcome to join at any time.

Participants attending the weekly sessions also receive a complimentary fitness membership to Portland Centre. This includes:

  • Full use of a the cardio, weights and functional gyms
  • Use of the swimming pool
  • Access to over 20 fitness classes

For more information you can contact Rob Russell, CARE Programme Coordinator, on 07534 135 670 or email

Alternatively please visit

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