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Notts County FC Football in the Community (FITC) is an independent charity, working closely with and on behalf of the world’s oldest football club – Notts County FC to make a difference within the local area.


We are fortunate enough to work with a number of partners and funders who currently support our numerous and varied projects for many groups of children and adults within both Nottingham City and wider Nottinghamshire. FITC are proud to deliver a range of innovative programmes that make a positive difference to people in Nottingham, raise aspirations and support some of the most disadvantaged, marginalised and talented people across the city.

Our fundamental aims are to raise awareness of our community work and importantly, generate vital funds to ensure the sustainability of the many projects we deliver within the local community.


FITC aim to generate funding through organising events locally, encouraging the public to raise money by completing an event for FITC and by gaining the support of local businesses keen on supporting our life-changing community work.


By attending our events, signing up for a challenge or getting your business involved means you will have directly made a positive impact towards the work we do within the local community, so please help us spread the message about our work!

As a charity, we raise all of our own funding and are successful at designing innovative projects that target specific groups of local people. However, this funding is unsustainable in the longer term and we must now begin to generate our own funding to maintain the projects we deliver. In addition to this, funding will enable us to design and develop new targeted projects.

Throughout the season, we will be looking for kind-hearted fans, friends and family members to join us in supporting a variety of fun, fitness and team-based challenges.

Keep an eye on our calendar of events for a full list of our events in 2016.


To find out more about our FITC fundraising events, or to drop us your ideas please complete this form to send an enquiry to our events executive Neil Kelly.