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Energise is an onsite pilot project delivered during lunch breaks and after work over 12 weeks that focuses on employee health and well-being using safe, effective and enjoyable physical activity sessions with experienced, qualified and motivating Football in the Community coaches.


The aim of Energise is to increase employee health and fitness, as well as improve their lifestyles that will be transferred into the workplace to decrease stress, decrease absenteeism, increase motivation, increase productivity, improve communication between departments, increase energy levels and develop a healthier workforce. Success will be monitored using weight, waist circumference, BMI, blood pressure and completion of a lifestyle questionnaire. Access onto the project will be for those that have a BMI of 25 or above, therefore classed as overweight and this will be measured with a pre-project health check.




Core Staff:

Project Manager – Emma Trent


For more information about Energise please contact Emma on 0115 905 5896 or EMAIL