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Right Mind – a Poem by Kat Turner


Multiple minds together

Sharing life on a Wednesday

Knowing one another

Being free to play.


The power of being known

Accepted as you are

Take me as I am

Exploring who we are.


Everyone is welcome

With a story we all bring

Look up to where you’re going

There’s hope and life we sing.


Completely, wholly, each unique

Not two who are the same

Safe, secure we join and meet

We’re ready for a game.

Exploring and building confidence

Having fun we do

From basketball to football

Swimming and bowling too.


Leave the world behind us

A rest for spinning thoughts

A chance to try new things out

A sense of achievement, of course.

All ages and all backgrounds

We travel from near and far

We take each other by the hand

For this is just the start.


The energy is flowing

Aiming for the net

Hearts racing as we’re going

It’s not half time just yet.

Anxiety is melting

Isolation crumbles away

Words can be unspoken

For friends are here to stay.


Life can take us on a road

A path we didn’t see

On the way we meet another

Let’s walk together and be.


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