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SIGN UP to volunteer in Kenya this autumn

laying-cement-in-kenyaGetting involved in international development projects doesn’t only look good on your CV but it also opens your eyes to new cultures, a different way of living, and helps you discover things about yourself that you didn’t already know.

However the biggest advantage of volunteering to work abroad on one of Africa Adventures projects is the impact you have on the development of a small organisation in such a limited period of time.

Last November volunteers from Notts County went to Kenya and helped to renovate classrooms for a small school on the edge of a landfill. Some physical labour was involved, but the volunteers also got the experience of meeting the locals, seeing how they lived and investigating the local wildlife on their weekend off.

handing-out-donations-locally-in-kenyaIt was Rachael Dexter’s first time visiting an African Country and highly recommends the experience, “I decided to go to Kenya as my sister had done some work in Africa previously and I wanted to understand more about what she had experienced whilst over there. It’s really eye opening to see how people manage to live on so little and in a very different environment to what you’re used to. Here in England we have so many health and safety, hygiene and environmental laws, but over there they don’t. Saying that everyone is so happy with and make the most of everything they have at hand.

“Now I’m more grateful for what I have and the access to basic things that we have in this Country. It’s great to know that in just over a week we managed to improve a schools classrooms, painting blackboards, digging up and cementing the floors, as well as building desks. Education is important to the children as it’s their only way out of poverty and if they don’t attend school then they’re sent out to work and make money. Knowing that the work we did will enable them to get a better education is something I can be proud of.”


African Adventures works around the year, sending out new volunteers, to ensure that this development continues at all the projects they support and you can be a part of the experience.

To find out more please contact Ryan Sismey on 0115 955 7215 or email