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Adam Dunleavy – Lead Coach


Adam Dunleavy, Lead Coach

My name is Adam and I joined FITC in September 2013. I am currently working towards my UEFA B licence and Futsal Level 2 qualifications. I have a few years of experience in coaching working with an Under 11’s in St Ann’s for 4 years. I am a big advocate of the women’s game and recently joined as coach for the Radcliffe Olympic Ladies U’16 where we have had a couple of successful seasons.

Being a supporter of Notts, it’s a great privilege to represent my club in the community. I hope I take my passion for Notts with me in my work for FITC. Since joining, I have had the chance to deliver a wide range of sessions and activities, to participants from varying groups and walks of life.

It’s been a fantastic experience and I have learnt a lot about the people that we work with. I have most enjoyed sessions we have delivered to groups with additional needs, as well as Motivate where you can really see the week by week, positive impact that our work has. I have recently been given a health and fitness project to lead, which has been great fun and a valuable learning experience.

In the future I hope to continue progressing in FITC, taking on more responsibilities and hopefully getting to lead on more projects. I love learning and will continue to develop my attributes as a coach whilst pursuing my FA badges and other sports qualifications.

One day I hope to work as a coach at a good level of the women’s game or in an academy for the development of young footballers alongside my work with FITC.