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Stephen List


Stephen List

Stephen List, CARE Programme Co-ordinator

I am a level 4 Cancer Exercise Specialist and have recently completed a master’s degree in Sport & Health Science at the University of Exeter. Whilst completing my degree I also worked alongside a local charity to deliver exercise classes for cancer and cardiac rehabilitation patients. Prior to this I spent 2 years delivering one to one exercise sessions for cancer patients.

I joined the FITC team in August 2017 as the CARE Programme Co-ordinator.

I like that FITC works closely with the local community and breaks down the barriers that people often have to being physically active, it also provides me with the opportunity to work in a field I feel very passionate about. I hope to bring a lot of knowledge, enthusiasm and energy to the FITC team and to the CARE programme.

When not at work I enjoy spending time in the outdoors, usually involving walking, running, cycling or swimming. I’m also a keen rugby follower and support the Leicester Tigers.