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Alice and team FITC’s Kenyan adventure gives local children brighter futures

I know our trip to Kenya wasn’t one that lasted months, but I hope it is enough time to make sure the children had memories that they would never forget” – Alice and team FITC’s Kenyan adventure gives local children brighter futures.

fitc kenya adventures
All smiles - FITC participants helped coach, teach and build new facilities for Kenyan children in the capital, Nairobi

Team FITC in partnership with African Adventures took to the skies to visit local school children in one of the biggest slums on the African continent. Participants Alice Kelk, Garry White, Rachel Dexter, Emma Moore and Effie Haywood undertook the 6,300 mile pilgrimage to Nakuru, Kenya to assist in teaching, sport education and vital maintenance jobs in one of the most deprived cities in the world. From 14th – 25th October our dedicated volunteers, which included staff from both Notts County FC and Football in the Community, worked with local school children at Hadassah Mission School which presented numerous, yet rewarding challenges to the travelling team according to Alice Kelk.

fitc kenya adventures
Alice and team FITC meet with local Kenyans benefiting from their second trip to the country

Aged just 23, seasoned traveller and Commercial Co-Ordinator at Notts County Football Club, Alice explained the initial shock of witnessing first-hand the levels of deprivation that plague the country. “We flew into Nairobi and landed around 3pm in the afternoon so we managed to see the capital in daylight which is a memory that shall vividly stay with me. It was sadly our first insight in to the poverty we were going to encounter on our adventure.”

fitc kenya adventures
Hot Hot Hot - our team used their free time to visit the equator and enjoy a safari

Despite the 12 hour flight time the team were in extremely high spirits, enjoying dinner in their new temporary home. The team had to quickly adjust themselves to the surroundings they found themselves in which included classrooms which had no chairs, nor tables and nothing to protect them from the harsh, unrelenting elements apart from the walls and roofs made of tin. “To see the conditions they were being taught in was heart-breaking. We take for granted so many of life’s little luxuries” added Alice. “Even though we came from different cultures, lifestyles and countries we quickly realised we had a lot more in common than first anticipated. Interests and passions that stretched beyond the classroom.”

In their free time, the participants enjoyed exploring the African wilderness, meeting local people who have benefited from FITC’s previous visit to the city and distributing donated clothes. With children donning the famous white and black stripes of Notts County, the group reflected on what was a truly awe-inspiring and eye opening 10 days of volunteering. “Now I’m more grateful for what I have and the access to basic things that we have in this Country” reflected Rachel after her second time of visiting the school. “It’s great to know that in just over a week we managed to improve the school’s classrooms. We painted blackboards, dug up and cemented new flooring, as well as building desks. Education is important to the children as it’s their only way out of poverty. If they don’t attend school then they’re sent out to work to make money. Knowing that the work we did will enable them to get a better education is something I can be massively proud of.”

We are proud to announce that FITC have committed to a further year of volunteering in Kenya with African Adventures.

To find out more about Football in the Community and our African Adventure trips, please contact our Partnership and Events Executive, James Bromley 0115 955 7215 or email jb@nottscountyfitc.org.uk.

fitc kenya adventures
Batter up - PE lessons, maths and English were some of the planned activities for everyone to take part in