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Dovecote Primary School take a trip to Meadow Lane

Pupils from Dovecote Primary school were welcomed to Meadow Lane for a stadium tour with Notts County Football in the Community (FITC) coaching staff.


Dovecote stadium tour B 2018

It’s the second year in a row that Dovecote Primary school have visited the stadium as part of their local history study based on Notts County Football Club.

Francis Ebling, year 5 teacher at Dovecote, said: “We really enjoyed our time at Meadow Lane, the children found it fascinating exploring the grounds. It was really useful, and they are already beginning to use what they found out in their research into the history of the football club.”

Dovecote Primary School is part of Notts County FITC’s Premier League Primary Stars (PLPS) programme, which supports teachers in delivering high quality PE lessons, as well as motivating children to attain in other areas of the curriculum such as English, Maths and PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education).

Zara Lund, Primary Schools Project Manager, commented: “During Collapsed Curriculum Days we ‘collapse’ the usual timetable and substitute it for an exciting and varied programme designed to enhance the experiences of pupils we’re working with.”

Dovecote stadium tour C 2018

“These can be hosted at Meadow Lane or the school facilities, which enable us to deliver certain areas of the curriculum in a creative way. The days are tailored to the needs of the school prior to the event and are designed to reward, motivate and inspire pupils to enjoy learning.”

In the previous collapsed-curriculum days, children from PLPS programme have been presented with the Premier League trophy at Arnold Mill Primary school and taken part in a sponsored walk at Awsworth Primary School.

The stadium tour, however, is free and available to any schools currently working with FITC.

Dovecote stadium tour A 2018

To find out more about our school projects and how to get involved, please contact Zara on 0115 905 5896 or email zl@nottscountyfitc.org.uk.