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Emma’s Training Blog Week 5: A slight set-back, but back in action!

FITC Health Manager Emma was flying along with her training for the upcoming charity boxing match, until she decided she could move a large vehicle all by herself…!

Well, I ended up out of action for a week because I decided to move my caravan on my own. I’ve learnt my lesson – accept help when offered! This meant I had to adapt my gym sessions and mostly stretch and stick to light exercise just to keep me ticking over. I missed a week of boxing too and watched instead which was still useful. I’ve now been given the all clear by my personal trainer (!) and I’m back in full force.


Emma and her personal trainer, Phoebe!


We’re now on the sparring stage of the training, so its headguard on, gum shield in, and get stuck in. The sparring has been great. I haven’t been bothered (so far) by being hit, but to help I have said my work colleagues can take a free hit every now and again(!) 

Emma’s 60% of the way to her fundraising target, with only a few weeks left until the big fight! You can help Emma reach her fundraising target by donating to her Just Giving page here: 


Every penny Emma raises will go towards Notts County FITC’s vital programmes.