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FITC announce ‘Fifteen’ Digital Agency as their latest Community Partner

With 2018 well underway, Notts County Football in the Community (FITC) are continuously working with organisations throughout Nottinghamshire that want to link closely with the Charity and make a real difference to some of the most vulnerable people in the County. The Community Partnership initiative offers individuals, groups and organisations of all sizes the opportunity to pledge support to the charity in numerous ways.

Fifteen Community Partnership 2018

Obviously, financial contributions are fantastic and essential in allowing FITC to continue to develop and offer life changing projects to a variety of people from different backgrounds. However, the versatility of the Community Partner programme also offers companies the chance to be inventive and come up with new and exciting ways of supporting FITC in a way that meets their Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as engaging their staff and clients.

With this in mind, FITC are particularly excited to introduce ‘Fifteen’, a Digital Agency based in Beeston as their latest Community Partner. The 35 strong team are clearly a modern and growing company that prides itself on their creativity and client focused work, and will be a great addition to the Community Partner scheme. Their Managing Director Ollie Piddubriwnyj has been a key figure in signing up to the scheme following on from his first ever design job, at 15 years of age, which was working with Notts County FC.

“I started my journey with Notts County at the age of 15, with my first ever print job. Now I’ve been given the opportunity to come full circle and give something back to the community. Myself and my team take our social responsibility very seriously, but we’re always keen to do something real rather than just write a cheque. We want to be actively involved with any cause we support, which is why we can’t wait to start working with the guys at FITC.”

This Community Partnership offers unique potential to FITC in the form of Media expertise, fundraising, volunteering plus much more and Partnerships and Events Executive James Bromley was delighted to confirm the news;

“From the very first meeting with ‘Fifteen’, their enthusiasm and commitment to becoming actively involved with the charity was evident straight away with ideas of how they can use their unique position and knowledge to support our work” explained James.

Fifteen design agency logo 2018

“Discussions are well under way in confirming ways in which we can work together in 2018 and, to kick things off, the Digital Agency will be running a Social Media Training session for all FITC staff in the coming weeks. Support like this is often underestimated but helps the professional development of our staff and will no doubt improve the service we offer within the local community. I’d personally like to thank everyone at ‘Fifteen’ for their support and I’m looking forward to announce some exciting events in the coming months”.  

If you or your organisation is interested in learning more about becoming a Community Partner please click here for more information or alternatively contact James on 0115 955 7216 or email him at: to discuss ways in which you can make a difference in your community.