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#IveGotMine FITC pin badges available now!

FITC pin badge collage social media

Have You Got Your Pin Badge Yet?

You may have noticed over the last few weeks that Notts County Football in the Community (FITC) have released our brand new Charity Pin Badges and some well-known faces have been sharing their support of our charity via social media.

Vicky McClure, Les Bradd, Max Whitlock MBE and a whole host of the Notts County FC first team players are just a few personalities that have joined us in proudly wearing the new badge and they are now available for supporters to get their hands on.

FITC pin badge social media

Here are the answers to some of the most frequent questions we have received:

Why is the Notts County FITC Logo not on the badge?
The badge is designed to encourage people to ask the question “What does this represent?” and allows the wearer the opportunity to talk about our charity and the work we do in the community. We are aware that sometimes people make assumptions based on our logo and that we ‘just play football’ and it’s vital for us, as a charity, to dispel that myth and promote the many projects we run.

What does the badge represent?
We are proud of the work we do throughout Nottinghamshire but there are often misconceptions about what we do and who we support and we hope the badge will subtly highlight the areas of work we cover. Hexagon shaped – we are proud to be associated with Notts County FC and this is the symbol linking us to Football.

The colours represent the 6 areas of work in which we cover:

  • Orange – Social Inclusion
  • Pink – Health
  • Blue – Sports Participation
  • Turqoise – Education
  • Purple – National Citizens Service (NCS)
  • Gold – Fundraising

Who can get a badge?
The simple answer to that is anyone. We want people to proudly display this badge and show their support for the work we do. It was designed to be practical in almost any situation and we’re looking forward to see them out and about in 2018. Anyone who supports us through fundraising, volunteering or as a Community Partner can get a badge and anyone else can purchase one for a suggested donation of £2.

Where can I get one?
Currently the badges are available at the Notts County FITC Office on Meadow Lane and at The Portland Centre in The Meadows. If you are unable to get to these location but would like a badge please contact James Bromley on 0115 955 7215 or email: jb@nottscountyfitc.org.uk.

What can I do once I have my badge?
Simply by wearing it will make a huge difference to our charity. People will ask you about it and we hope you’ll be happy to discuss why you support us and encourage others to do the same. We are also running a social media campaign in which we are asking people to post a selfie with their badge with the hashtag #ivegotmine and tagging @NottsCountyFITC.

Many famous faces have already done this and we’d love to see more and more of our supporters joining in. One of our primary goals for 2018 is to raise the profile of the Charity and this is the start of how we plan to do this.

We hope that this answers your questions but please do not hesitate to contact us with anymore queries and thank you as always for your continued support for our charity.