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The gloves are off! Emma’s Fight Night blog

After eight weeks of intensive training, our Health Manager Emma Trent finally got to step into the ring for her charity boxing bout to raise money for Football in the Community. Find out how she got on against her very experienced opponent…

Fight night is over and what a great night it was. It was a wonderful atmosphere to share with family, friends and the team that I have spent the last eight weeks training with. The nerves and adrenalin kicked in as I watched the fights before mine, then it was time for me to warm up. I said my goodbyes to my table of supporters and off I went to compose myself. Once warmed up I had to make my way to my ring walk. I had picked a rock remix of Ready or Not by the Fugees to prepare me for what was about to happen. The song played out, I walked through the smoke, and entered the ring…


Gloves and headguard went on, and my opponent and I were called into the center of the ring by the referee and read the rules before the bell went. The three two-minute rounds were a bit of a blur. It felt as though everything I had learnt over the previous eight weeks went out of the window, but I did enough against someone who was having their fifth fight (this was my first) to get a draw. I found out on the night that she held the title and would have been presented with a belt had she won, so I managed to block that.

Once the fight was done, I got to enjoy the rest of the evening with my brilliant table of supporters and celebrate the achievements of the last eight weeks. A massive thank you to everyone who supported me and donated to my JustGiving page – everyone at Football in the Community is incredibly grateful and the funds will go towards keeping our vital projects running.

Congratulations to Emma for a fantastic achievement!